Can I make changes to the standard plans or design my own kit home?

Yes. Changes can be make to all standard plans to suit your needs and wants. You can increase or decrease the size of the house, change the number of rooms or you can bring your own plans for costing. Or come to us with your ideas and we can help you design your own kit home.

What does the kit include?

A full list of the inclusions can be found here. The kit generally includes all materials required for lockup. This does not include on-site labour, transport and delivery charges, site survey and clearing costs, Electrical and plumbing etc.

How much can I save if I decide to build a kit home as an owner builder?

By becoming an owner builder you can effectively save about 20-30% by managing the project yourself. You can be as hands on or off as you want, and this will determine hw much you save. You can do some of work yourself like paiting, putting up walls, or you can employ trades people to do the work for you. It entirely up to you.

Is it difficult becoming an owner builder?

Obtaining an owner building permit is fairly straight forward. Depending on the state you are building in, you may need to complete a short course before being granted a permit. Courses can be completed online or via a traning school. A minimal fee is payable upon application in most states. Contact your state's relevant building authority to find out more about becoming an owner builder.

Do you deliver to anywhere in Australia?

Delivery areas include all Australian states and territories. Arrangements can also be made for international deliveries excluding some countries. Please contact us for more information regarding international delivery.